About charity donations

We kindly inform you that Fon Rogges Charity Foundation was founded on November 24, 2011 the goal of which is to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of fon Rogges family and to continue the established charity traditions using the Foundation’s and charity funds. The member of the board and the founder of the Foundation is Olavs Igals von Rogge. The top-priority task of the Foundation is to implement charity projects, helping people with low income and people in trouble, as well as supporting cultural and art events and artists, personalities in other spheres, to organize maintenance of cultural monuments.

You are welcome to get involved in the creation of the Foundation and to help achieving its goals. The Foundation ensures the information of the public about its activity, performs promotional activities meeting goals and objectives of the Foundation, as well as grants awards and honours to persons for special contribution to the goal of the Foundation.

Your sincerely,

Olavs Igals von Rogge, founder of the Foundation


“Fon Rogges Charity Foundation” is a charity organization the activity of which complies with the following principles:

  •  The Foundation is an apolitical organization – it is operating for charity purposes only;
  •  The Foundation complies with the principle of freedom of faith and equality;
  •  The Foundation listens to its supporters and donators, evaluates their propositions and recommendations;
  •  The Foundation does not evaluate people according to their nationality in its activity;
  •  The Foundation strictly respects basic human rights and freedom in its activity.

Main purposes of the Foundation’s activity:

  •  To organize charity events in all spheres all over the country and abroad – with all available funds to support:
  •  People in trouble, their families,
  •  Families, children who have lost their support.
  • Organize vacations in Latvia for foreigners in exchange for donations. All donations will be used to achieve goals of the Foundation.
  •  Maintenance of abandoned memorial sites and graves – german, russian, latvian deportee of fallen ( sites never visited again after World War II ) with equal attitude.
  •  Assistance in maintenance of historical cultural monuments,  maintenance of memorial sites, maintenance of abandoned graves at different cemeteries, maintenance of churches (all religions), old cult places,
  •  Support in the sphere of culture / theatre, opera and ballet, museums, creation of exhibitions, amateur talent groups/,
  •  Support for cultural and art events, artists, personalities,
  •  Do research on chivalry history in the Baltics. Also to reserve, study cultural and historical heritage of Fon Rogges family, to create memorial sites, to maintain and manage them,
  •  To organize raising of financial and other means and collection of personal donations to achieve goals of the Foundation. Also – upkeep and usage of personal real-estate for purpose of charity;
  •  To organize control and management property and means of the Foundation and property and means donated and presented to the Foundation;
  •  To inform the public about the activity of the Foundation.